1983 born in Oakland, lives and works in Berlin
The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX (2004-2007)
Master of Fine Arts, with an emphasis in painting and installation
Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan, ME (2004)

Centro De Lenguas Modernas, Grenada, Spain (2002-2003)
Studied Spanish Literature and Latin American Cinema

 Davidson College, Davidson, NC (2000-2004)
Bachelors of Art with Honors with an emphasis in Creative Writing

Comics And Articles

The Guardian (forthcoming, Dec 2018)
Contributes comics to the Cities Section of the Guardian

The New York Times (Spring 2018 - present)
Contributes comics to the Book Section of the New York Times

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (Spring 2018)
Contributed a series of graphic works in response to the René Magritte exhibition “The Fifth Season”

Greenpeace Magazin (Fall 2017 - present) 
Contributes drawings and covers 

The New Yorker (Fall 2016 - present)
Regularly contributes comics, visual essays, and a recurring column called “America!”

New York Magazine//The Cut, (Spring 2016 - Winter 2017)
Visual columnist, created the weekly comic “Bermuda Square” and monthly visual interviews titled “The Golden Door.”

The Olbricht Collection/Me Collector’s Room (Fall 2016 - present)
Producted limited edition prints and a coloring book of the Olbricht Wunderkammer 

The Berlin Quarterly (Fall 2015)
Contributed a drawing to the Fall issue (Fall 2015)
Comics Contributor

Art Magazin, (Winter 2015-Winter 2016)
Visual Columnist

McSweeney’s, (Fall 2013-Spring 2016)
Visual Columnist

Art21, (2009-present)
Regular contributor, columnist for Queer Berlin

Huffington Post, (2010-present)
Blogger and comics contributor

Gastronomica Magazine, (Spring 2014)
Comics contributor

Bitch Magazine, (Spring 2014)
Comics contributor

Modern Painters Magazine (Fall-Spring 2013)
Comics contributor

Kids of Dada (Fall 2013)
Arts contributor

New York Arts Magazine, (Summer 2011)
Berlin Correspondent

Daily Serving (Summer 2011)
Berlin Arts Columnist

Sugarhigh Berlin, (Fall 2010)
Comics contributor

Smoke Signal
Contributor to the comics anthology published by Desert Island Bookstore, Brooklyn, New York (2010)

There Goes My Hero, Center For Book Arts, New York (2010)
Contributed two artists books, catalogue available

Selected Group and Solo Exhibitions

2018         Breathing the Ultimate Wave//#Feminism and Class, Sprechsaal  
                Gallery, Berlin
                Short Run Marathon Exhibit, Fantagraphics Bookstore Gallery, Seattle
2017         Transaktionen, curated by Marc Wellman, Haus Am Lütowplatz,
                Not Quite Underground, invited artist in Michael Smith’s exhibition,
                Skulptur Projekte, Münster
2016        Freudian-Feminist Window Display (solo), Desert Island, Brooklyn,
                 New York      
2015        Too Late Sparrow (solo), Keith, Berlin
                 Death and Sexuality, Schaufenster, Berlin and FB69, Muenster     
2014          Desert Island Pop-Up, SculptureCenter, New York
                  Temporary Autonomous Zone 3, curated by the ff, Teatr Studio,
                  About Edith, curated by L’oiseau Presente together with Berlin Art
, Ballhaus Ost, Berlin
2013          The Oracle, curated by the ff, The Wand, Berlin
                  You Should Be, (curated by Katharina Arndt) at Petra Rietz Galerie,
                  Macht Kunst, Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle, Berlin
                  Ueber das Geistige in der Kunst, (curated by Johannes Rodenacker)          
                  Poseidon Projekte, Berlin
                   Shambolic, Das Gift, Berlin (curated by Kottie Paloma)
2012          Ding Bam es hat Geknilgtel  (curated by Johannes Rodenacker)  
                  Poseidon Projekte, Berlin
2010          Brief Von Altersheim auf dem Mond, (curated by Billy Miller), Polish
                  Loser's Club, Berlin
                  Deponie Kunst, (curated by Alexis Knowlton) WildenbruchStr, Berlin    
2009         There Goes My Hero, Center for Book Arts, NYC (curated by Erin
                 Riley-Lopez, associate curator, The Bronx Museum
                 The Scene, Kub Galerie, Leipzig, Germany
2008        Swan School: The Matriculation, (solo) Art Palace, Austin, TX
                The Berliner Liste, with Extraraum, Berlin, Germany
                Palace Does Dallas, Road Agent Gallery, Dallas, TX 
                20 To Watch, Austin Museum of Art, Austin, TX 
2007        Aqua Art Fair, Miami Beach, FL 
                Y Que?, Landmark Arts at Texas Tech, Lubbock, TX (curated by
                Harmony Hammond)
                Luck of the Draw, Diverseworks, Houston, TX
                Me Odio y Quiero Comprar, Object Not Found, Mexico City, Mexico
                Sirens' Song, Arthouse at the Jones Center, Austin, Texas (kuratiert    
               von Kelly Baum); El Paso Museum of Art and Galveston Art Center
               Affair at the Jupiter, Jupiter Hotel, Portland, OR 

Visual Storytelling Workshops

Keynote lecture, “Visual Storytelling as a Tool to Affect Social Change,” Lesbians Who Tech Conference, San Francisco,  U.S.A., February 2016

Lecture and Workshop, the National Library of Germany, Frankfurt, Germany, May 2016
Series of Visual Storytelling Workshops, Shakespeare and Company, Paris, France, March-April, 2018

Lecture and Workshop, “How Comics Can Change the World,” The University of Bath, Bath, England, April 2018


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Selected Awards and Stipends

2018 received a merit award from the Society of Publication Designers Annual
2018 awarded Georgia Fee Residency, Artslant, Paris
2017 awarded CCS Cornish Residency, the Center for Cartoon Studies, Cornish, New Hampshire
2007-2017 Drawing Center Viewing Program and slide registry, New York, NY 
2006 + 2007 Best Artist of the Year Nominee, Austin Critics Table
2007 Artpace Residency Shortlist
2006 Michael Frary Endowed Scholarship in Painting, University of Texas at Austin
2005 Robert Levers Endowed Graduate Scholarship in Studio Art, University of Texas at Austin
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